Tyron's Priorities

Aggressively focus on the reduction of all levels of crime which greatly diminishes the quality of life for all, and diminishing the quality of life for Oakland residents, diminishes the opportunity for small businesses to thrive and diminishes the possibility of new business coming to Oakland. Violent crime, and non-violent crimes such as car break-ins, defacing property, and cybercrime must be taken seriously.

LET’S CLEAN UP OAKLAND! The level of graffiti, tagging has increased significantly. There are in fact, graffiti artist with genuine talent. Let’s harness that talent in a way which is mutually beneficial. Let’s commission these artists to help beautify Oakland. The aesthetics of a city matters greatly. It matters to residents and those who are not residents, visitors, potential business owners

Work towards preserving and maintaining the “jewel of Oakland” Lake Merritt.  I proposed a permanent staff (such as park rangers) to help maintain these 155 acres of scenic beauty. Most areas of this size and natural beauty would have should have park rangers to assist, to educate, and maintain standards. I would advocate rangers to be Oakland residents and familiar with their community. Volunteers can only accomplish so much.

Work aggressively to help get the unhoused housed, and provide them with the necessary support system and tools, to ensure that they stay housed, and become active members of their community.

California is the home to 1.8 million military veterans, and a significant number reside in Oakland. As a member veteran, I will be an ardent supporter and advocate for the needs of our veterans.

Tyron is running for Oakland City Council District 3 Seat, for the same reasons he ran for Mayor of Oakland in 2022. He sees a city with all the qualities necessary to be world class, but he believes stronger, responsive, proactive, and transparent government is essential in order to produce positive results.  For a better Oakland and for real change, vote for Tyron Jordan on Nov. 5, 2024.

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