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Why I'm Running for Mayor of Oakland

I am running for Mayor because I believe in service. Service towards working to build an environment, where everyone has the tools, and necessities of life needed to thrive and become full participates in our communities. Oakland is a vibrant and dynamic, and has all the features needed to become a world class city. However, the level of homelessness; makes it difficult for Oakland to live up to its fullest potential.

The domino effect of those living in tents, under overpasses etc., hurts everyone, regardless of their zip code. People cannot thrive and play active roles in our community; if they are of the community but not part of the community. If given the honor of serving as Mayor, it will not only be what “I” will do, but what “We” will do together. I am running as an outsider-but oftentimes, outsiders have a clearer vantage point.

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